April 2, 2013 dVerse Broken Pinata

#2 Prompt:  A poem about when your life was a train wreck.


(Image from the Internet)

Broken Pinata

Pinata breaks

Contents scattered

Across the floor

Burned and kept

In hopes of good luck



Traveled West

Walked the

Handrail of the

Rio Grand Gorge Bridge

Balanced the ashes

Took a deep breath

One foot in front of the other

March 23, 2013 dVerse

My Grandmother
I only remember my Grandmother

As an old irritating woman

I have no memory of her

As the beautiful young girl

She was

My Grandfather

Died when my Mother was young

I looked at the pictures

Slightly blurred

Sepia toned

The face of a man

Looked back at me

I man I did not know

I remember seeing a photo

Of my Mother

When she was about three

My Grandfather was standing

Over her

On the sidewalk in front of

Their house

He was a large man

With a great stomach

I wonder how my Grandparents met

What they thought when they did

Was it love at first sight

Were they happy

Did my Grandmother really

Want children

Or would she have liked

To have lived another way

My Mother kept

The beautiful little

Pierced plate

In the cupboard

When she got it out

She would tell how

My Grandmother

Prepared Communion

On the little place

With grapes painted on it

Each Sunday

For thirty seven years

Since my Grandfather

Died so long ago

My Grandmother

Lived alone

Was she lonely

Did she cry herself to sleep at night

I wonder how she did it

So many things I would

Have liked to have asked her

Note:  I think I was a bit of a brat, growing up, always in a hurry… no time, just to sit and think, always busy.  I’m sorry now, I didn’t know how to ask my Grandmother all the things I wanted to know….


Claudia asked us to write a poem and ask questions of someone famous, or someone else…

March 21, 2013 dVerse


The White Shadows
The room was white
Floor to ceiling
The light through
The window was white
Even the shadows were white

And it is silent
Not a word spoken
Uttered or written
There were no words to be had
In the white room

It happens sometime…
The words have disappeared
Not a thought
Nor a song
In the white light
From the window
In the white room

A bit of a handicap
When you desire to write
Or think
Or speak of
The white shadows
Upon the white walls

But wait…
Give them time
The letters will return
Dressed in blue
Gold buttons
And golden epaulets
It seems they have
Been taking a little time out
From the white room

Willingly they will lie
Upon the page
Make sense
Express your waiting thoughts
In the white room
With the white light
Where even the shadows
Are white

Note:  I was thinking of the times when I want to write. and there simply seems there are no words.  Maybe this could be explained as a “place.”

March 4, 2013 No Escape/ dVerse #86


No Escape

The grey hangs heavy

As it shrouds the mountain

No sound or breath

A landscape suspended in amber

The storm is coming in

There is no escape

No open road

All is a locked door

No place to run

No place to hide

Finger nails scratch

Plead for way out









There is no escape

February 17, 2013 dVerse

The prompt or question for the day was, why do you write?  Brian is host today, and he has asked, why do you write.  I am a visual artist, but I often write about what I am doing, in hopes I can be clear about what I am doing, and can then judge what I am doing.


One Day in the Life… (Day/Night)  22″x22″ each  gouache on w/c paper



A Day in the Life…
To try to put into words
What we do as visual artists
Is a difficult task
Perhaps we are trying to answer
The whisper
The loud voice of thunder
The cool movement of wind
To determine the character of the day

In this series
A Day in The Life…
Each day I study
The New Mexico landscape
I ask myself what is the
Quality of the light
The color of the sky and the land
What is the difference

How does this day
Differ from the day before
Considering one day at a time
One hour at a time
One moment
Which becomes the next

I make notes in my journal
Later …
Select an entry
Try to interpret
What I have written
Into a visual statement
Making the invisible

Many thoughts
Feelings and
Are present to each of us
In the space of 24 hours

I try to make visible
One moment of the day
Which will stand for the
Character of the total day
Time passes
Visibly before my eyes
I work intently
Like the spider spinning it’s web

The finished work unknown until complete
I work to create the visible statement
Indefinable in words
Matching it to the
Interior landscape
That is known only to me
To my artist self
Expressing living thoughts
Of varied experiences
My own changing
Points of view
My goadl is to tell the story of a man
Based on one moment of his life

February 12, 2013 dVerse

Lonely Man

This is a song

The Villagers would sing

About a lonely man

In his hometown

They whispered

His name

He fought his demons

On the darkest nights

Even fought them

In the broad daylight

Never won a round

Take a break

The bell would ring

They would go at it again

In his hometown

They Whispered

His name



Growling and such

A worthy opponent

He lived another

Day to fight again

But as the song goes

Each time the drink

Would win

Having said all this…

I am grateful

To have known him

Glad he came

On lonely days

Listen carefully

On the wind

Hear the sadness

As I whisper

His name…


Note: My friend, Neil, was a lonely man.

February 9, 2013 dVerse

Prompt:  Letting go




The snow has come as predicted

The sun shines too

All is white

Visibility low


You have brought up “letting go”

When you know

I am not good at it

I remember

When you left

All was lost



I would look down

See my hands

Knuckles white


Holding on

Even when there was nothing left


I had to talk myself through

Open my hands

Turn them over

Nothing to hold on to

Letting go


So quickly the snow

Has stopped

Visibility still low

But is expected

Again and again

Like “letting go”

Again and again