March 21, 2013 dVerse


The White Shadows
The room was white
Floor to ceiling
The light through
The window was white
Even the shadows were white

And it is silent
Not a word spoken
Uttered or written
There were no words to be had
In the white room

It happens sometime…
The words have disappeared
Not a thought
Nor a song
In the white light
From the window
In the white room

A bit of a handicap
When you desire to write
Or think
Or speak of
The white shadows
Upon the white walls

But wait…
Give them time
The letters will return
Dressed in blue
Gold buttons
And golden epaulets
It seems they have
Been taking a little time out
From the white room

Willingly they will lie
Upon the page
Make sense
Express your waiting thoughts
In the white room
With the white light
Where even the shadows
Are white

Note:  I was thinking of the times when I want to write. and there simply seems there are no words.  Maybe this could be explained as a “place.”