February 16, 2013 dVerse Neil’s Last Words

Neil’s Last Words
There is more about the man
I would like to say
He was a little bit wily
…As in coyote
A little bit hermit
A little bit monk
A little bit seer
A little bit unknown

There in the courtyard
Is the garden he designed
We worked together
To get it done
I think he lingers there
At least his memory
He left his energy
On each rock he touched
And carefully placed

Perhaps he was a hero
Of the cowboy movie…
That played in his head
Enjoyed the fun..
A little bit
Charlie Chaplin
A little bit unknown

And I will tell you this
Days later…
I saw him on the road
As I often did before
He went away…
He turned
Over his shoulder
He smiled and winked
As if to say
Don’t worry about me
I’m OK
After all
It was all in fun
Quite a ride
Wait for me
Maybe I’ll be back

Note: This was written for dVerse Poetics: Leonard Cohen and Place.