February 3, 2013 Sunday Wordle #94 and dVerse

IMG_9279miserable, fuss, wish, go, again, interest
bust, figure, prove, straight, enough, sweet

The sands of time
Have slipped through
Without warning
I am not miserable
Nor will I make a fuss
Over the loss of January

I will remain in
This very moment
Tend my wishes
Like the gardener in spring
Wait for sweet results
Though I admit
I am so tired of winter
I could bust
With its pristine white
Blanket covering the road
Now spun frosting
Of brown sugar

The snow melts
Runs down hill in rivulets
Straight into the arroyo
Usually as dry as bleached bones
Where thirsty sage waits

Ravens circle above the arroyo
Call to each other
Like children in the play yard
Push and shove
Try to sit in the
Same exact spot on the coyote fence
Gossip about the neighbors
Tell the news
Nothing to prove

The sun shines
My shadow supports
The lone figure
On the mesa
It is enough

Note: The image I have selected is of objects on the windowsill in the studio, on a cold February day. ┬áThe weather report says, “Mostly sunny, cold.”

The prompt for dVerse was about shadows, I realized in the piece I wrote for Sunday Whirl I talk about the shadow in the last part, but I wanted to write something more.

Light and Shadows

Light and dark
Shadow side of the moon
The other side of the coin
Sunshine and shadow

Black and white
The valley of the shadow of death
Joy and sorrow
Night and day

Light and dark
If only we can remember
The brightest light
Is found in the darkest shadow

When we are in the shadow
The shadow is in us
And we will take it
Where ever we go

Light and dark
It is a part of us
One not better
Than the other