February 7, 2013 dVerse One Day Neil Went Away



One Day Neil Went Away


Forewarned of his coming…

The speckled shoes

Gave him away


A flawed character


Grew up

In a small Texas town

A flawed beginning

His sorrow


With him


Loved color and paint

The smoke

The drink

…And Maggie


To see him on the road

Trudging to town

To buy the smokes

The drink

Eeyore came to mind

(Oh, where was Winnie the Pooh

When we needed him)


A giant of a man

Wise and wondrous

Dumb as a stump

Never disappointed

In his intellect


More often than not

Good as could be

Worthless to a fault


Heart of gold

Full of love

Tears often

Filled his eyes…

For you…

For me…

For all that he could see

Lived life in deep

Valley of sadness


Tried to change

His fate

Without luck

One day Neil

Went away


Note: In loveing memory of my friend, Neil.  He went away on Saturday, and is not expected to return.  I have selected an image of Taos Mountain, Neil loved Taos.