Sunday Whirl #68

 Taos Mountain

In Site of Taos Mountain
I wake
All is quiet
I navigate a pure course
The large purple sage
Near my front door
Hums with the activity
Of bees –yellow and black
The sun shines endless summer
Sets fire to desert floor

Stop…take a breath

Along the way
To the store
Thistles bloom lavender
In dried yellow fields
Sky a broken-hearted blue
Links to missing you
Marrow deep
Strangled tears
Gulping air

Stop…take a breath

Clouds coast
From west to east
Without anchor
Elephants, angels
Puppies and fandangos
Sounds of guitars
Drift across the mesa
Indigo evenings
Hide ports among the sage

Stop…take a breath

From the deck
The moon a golden coin
Dangling aloft
Just out of reach
A child’s game
Pitch the ball
Red Rover, Red Rover
Fireflies flicker
Thunder rumbles
Pens scatter across the floor

Stop…take a breath

I stand by the rail
On my cheek I feel
Your cool desert breathe
Long imprinted
Upon my soul

Stop…take a breath

Sternly you ask
What about the body
What to do
Set fire on the desert floor
Scatter my ashes here
With the Grandmothers
In site of Taos Mountain
My heart sinks to think of
When I will not be
But… I will be happy
To be a part of all eternity


Note:  I realize I have created a different journey, than perhaps Brenda had in mind, with her holiday aboard the houseboat, but who knows where the words will take you?  I decided to make the “words” a dark red and bold, and then to highlight in color the “color words,” just for fun.

Note:  My blog has disappeared.  I am at a loss?

15 thoughts on “July 5, 2012 Sunday Whirl #68

  1. I really like where the words took you Annell, a journey of a different kind but still, a journey. Loved this:
    The sun shines endless summer
    Sets fire to desert floor
    The image it paints is beautiful.
    The pauses to remember to breathe are so effective.
    Sad, but altogether lovely write.

  2. Love how you encourage all of us to simply breathe, to take in each image you create, the colors, the very air breathed. Lovely Annell. Have you contacted Blogger to see if they can explain what has happened? Never heard of such a thing. But, also believe there must be a reason. Just sorry to hear it,


  3. Stopping and taking a breath is sometimes the only way to inch through the that breath seems to be a whole host of flavours and colours..the sage brush as you first leave your door to that unknown smell perhaps at the end of our time..i hope we will always be there with someone who continues to walk in the ‘real’ world..jae

  4. Annell, loved the journey through the desert. Having lived in Mexico for just over ten years now this spoke to me on many levels. Beautiful. Sorry to hear about your blog, you should contact blogger. I have never heard of anything like that before, but it is something I worry about, so I back all my work up.


  5. Beautifully crafted. Almost like a series of mantras to tide one to the next. I have no idea how a blog can disappear…that’s very strange. Hope they’ll return it to you – have you asked the blog board?

  6. So sorry to hear about the loss of your site. I keep copies of everything I write just in case. I’ve been a bit slow on keeping hard copies this year. Now I think I shall have to do that again. Anyway you can talk to blogger about trying to find it?

    Our different journeys are what makes the Whirl Worldes so much fun. I enjoyed walking in your desert this afternoon – thank you.

    I’m here:

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