Sunday August 12, 2012 Sunday Whirl

Sunday Whirl


Along the wall

In shadowed alcove

Past and present meet

Memories flood in

Maps are drawn

Dreams dwindle

Images spin

Invisible becomes visible

Thoughts ricochet

Slowly coming into focus

No longer the curvaceous

Girl you were

An old woman now

With narrow shoulders

Dressed in blue velvet

You hum to yourself

As you draw the lace across your face

The warped fabric of your life

Still strong on the loom

Note:  I saw a woman in Santa Fe, faded beauty.  She had only one eye, and had smudged mascara on the closed eyelid…dressed in blue velvet.  She found her way through the crowd to the old spanish plaza, and sat on the first empty park bench and opened her lunch.  Her image went deep into my soul, and I have been trying to find the way to write about her.   She was like an old moth, drawn to the light and life of the plaza.
Annell Livingston