April 30, 2013 A Simple Thing

A Simple Thing
The loss of a friend
A simple thing
One of the saddest
That can
Happen to a human heart
Breaks it in two

Sure death is bad
Really sad
Aw… but the loss of a friend
Who enriched your life
Leaves a hole
That cannot be filled
All the way to China

The loss a deep regret
I couldn’t be
The one you called friend
I’ll keep your memory
Miss you to the end of time

One of the saddest
Things that can
Happen to a human

Note: It’s happened to me, maybe happened to everyone. One you liked…loved and called your friend, has changed their mind. Doesn’t want to be your friend anymore, for whatever reason. Causes a heartbreak that cannot be fixed, another sadness, you will carry, cannot forget. We might ask, “Why do you want this friend, who does not want you?” There is no answer, only sadness.

Sunday December 2, 2012 Sunday Whirl #85




Barbada’s Pink Sand Beach Photo Courtesy:

Antiqua & Barbuda Tourism

Was it an affair to remember
Or one to forget
The loss rendered me forlorn
Unable to find my way
Lost in desire
Manic the state
Between mood and the sunny day
There was a clash
Unable to to fuse the two
The roughhewn moon
Waxed and waned
A fork in the road
Caused confusion
The drive headed west
Unsure what I would find
Upon arrival
Or if I would know
I had arrived
I searched for the pink sand
Between your fingers


Saturday December 1, 2012 dVerse

dVerse: prompt  “I Miss You”



Missing You

Every breath

One of saddness

I breath in…out

I listen

I stare far away

To the horizon

Could it be…

Do I see you there

I breath in…out

I hear the music playing

Your favorite song

My eyes mist over

I breath in… out

I cannot distinguish time

Your leaving seems

A long time ago or

Like yesterday

I breath in… out

I am filled with my breath

When I breath out

I am surrounded by this sad breath

Which mixes with the sad breath of others

I breath in… out

Everyone missing someone

July 5, 2012 Sunday Whirl #68

Sunday Whirl #68

 Taos Mountain

In Site of Taos Mountain
I wake
All is quiet
I navigate a pure course
The large purple sage
Near my front door
Hums with the activity
Of bees –yellow and black
The sun shines endless summer
Sets fire to desert floor

Stop…take a breath

Along the way
To the store
Thistles bloom lavender
In dried yellow fields
Sky a broken-hearted blue
Links to missing you
Marrow deep
Strangled tears
Gulping air

Stop…take a breath

Clouds coast
From west to east
Without anchor
Elephants, angels
Puppies and fandangos
Sounds of guitars
Drift across the mesa
Indigo evenings
Hide ports among the sage

Stop…take a breath

From the deck
The moon a golden coin
Dangling aloft
Just out of reach
A child’s game
Pitch the ball
Red Rover, Red Rover
Fireflies flicker
Thunder rumbles
Pens scatter across the floor

Stop…take a breath

I stand by the rail
On my cheek I feel
Your cool desert breathe
Long imprinted
Upon my soul

Stop…take a breath

Sternly you ask
What about the body
What to do
Set fire on the desert floor
Scatter my ashes here
With the Grandmothers
In site of Taos Mountain
My heart sinks to think of
When I will not be
But… I will be happy
To be a part of all eternity


Note:  I realize I have created a different journey, than perhaps Brenda had in mind, with her holiday aboard the houseboat, but who knows where the words will take you?  I decided to make the “words” a dark red and bold, and then to highlight in color the “color words,” just for fun.

Note:  My blog somethingsithinkabout-annell-annell.blogspot.com has disappeared.  I am at a loss?

February 15, 2011 A Broken Heart

The Broken Heart

The first tiny crack appeared

Quietly behind the door

My head snapped in the direction

I’m not sure of the cause

In the beginning it was so small

Could only be seen when held to the light

And even tracing your fingernail

Could not be felt

It was more like a small stone

In your shoe

Like a crack in the mirror

It distorted the image

A crack in the cup

Prevents it from holding the tea

A crack in the boat

No longer floats

A crack in the sidewalk

When stepped on

Will break your Mother’s back

Over time the crack grew larger

The surface was crazed

The burden too heavy to carry

I take a deep breath

Imagine the cracks fall away

In the light of the shining sun

My heart seems whole

*I began thinking about the heart… the heart of any human.  Can we remember the first break.  Did it happen one night, we were not aware… something happened somewhere else.  And over time through loss and disappointment, more cracks happened.  And I wanted to think about the cracks and what they do, “distort the image.”  But when all is said and done, we look out and the sun is shinning, everything is so beautiful… the cracks seem to fall away.  All is whole again.