April 1, 2013 National Poetry Month Pad Challenge A Poem a Day

IMG_9391Poem a day:


Taos Valley
Spread out
Below the mesa
The houses like
Childrens blocks
Scattered in all directions

The morning quietly waits
The sky a pale blue
Delicate clouds on the horizon
Coyote fences along the road
Below ground
New growth unseen
Trembles with expectation

Travel the back roads
Welcome the unexpected
In the canyon
Where it is warmer
Some fruit trees
Welcome spring in full bloom

January 26, 2013 dVerse


Winter in Taos

Grey day

Clouds like

Blanket spread


Caught in mid-air

Grey, lonely, silent

Without warning

Coyote appears

Just as suddenly


Always on the move

Rain expected in the p.m.

Until then…a sense of waiting

Grey, lonely, silent

Caught in mid-air

Note:  Reference the weather report

December 8, 2012 Wordle #86

bland, forged, rejuvenate, stress, innate, delicate,

relentless, space, coast, hat, rampant, spectrum
Taos Mountain
Taos Mountain

Taos Mountain

Christmas in the Desert
So far…
Season is bland
Temperatures the
Same as late summer
Time stands still
Sense of waiting
Feelings forged into sameness
Time to rejuvenate
Awaken old souls
Without stress or loss
Innate sense of wonder
Delicate childhood
Endings in the air
Time for change
New space
New traditions
New paths
Along desert coastline
Don hat to protect
Against relentless sun
And other dangers
Memories run rampant
…And you say the “tests” are negative
Life’s full spectrum
Colors in all the spaces
…Snow expected
On Christmas
Sleigh bells ring!
Note:  As I was working on my piece, lost in reverie, I was contacted by a friend telling me, his partner has cancer, and the first tests were negative for it’s spread to the brain and that there would be more tests.  I wanted to add that line, as I think it illustrates “life,” while we are busy doing something, something else happens.  It all becomes woven together, into something unique.

Sunday Novermber 11, 1012 Sunday Whirl #82

In the woods near by
The air is cold and dry
Reluctant leaves
The last “hanger-ons”
Fall to the ground
Crackle beneath my feet

White Crested Sparrows
Strut along adobe walls
Small birds flock to the feeder
As never before
Look like shoppers on Black Friday

In the large rock is a hollow
Which fills with water
A place the kitten drinks

What is new in this world

Perhaps it is the Towie
Leaping into the juniper
Popping up like a jack-in-the-box
Although he may have been here
Many times
It is the first season
I have heard his song

The brook in the woods
Sleeping in its rocky bed
Gurgles like a phantom
Red willow grows alongside
Source of its name

Wordle #82

Note:  phantom, brook, rocky, hollow, leaping, dry, although, new, walls, never birds, woods

Note 2:  He said, “There was a lion and a coyote living in a cage together.  They are friends.”

She said, “One day maybe there was only the lion.”

He said, “In the animal world “friendship” has it’s limits.”

She said, “Maybe that is also true among humans?”

July 5, 2012 Sunday Whirl #68

Sunday Whirl #68

 Taos Mountain

In Site of Taos Mountain
I wake
All is quiet
I navigate a pure course
The large purple sage
Near my front door
Hums with the activity
Of bees –yellow and black
The sun shines endless summer
Sets fire to desert floor

Stop…take a breath

Along the way
To the store
Thistles bloom lavender
In dried yellow fields
Sky a broken-hearted blue
Links to missing you
Marrow deep
Strangled tears
Gulping air

Stop…take a breath

Clouds coast
From west to east
Without anchor
Elephants, angels
Puppies and fandangos
Sounds of guitars
Drift across the mesa
Indigo evenings
Hide ports among the sage

Stop…take a breath

From the deck
The moon a golden coin
Dangling aloft
Just out of reach
A child’s game
Pitch the ball
Red Rover, Red Rover
Fireflies flicker
Thunder rumbles
Pens scatter across the floor

Stop…take a breath

I stand by the rail
On my cheek I feel
Your cool desert breathe
Long imprinted
Upon my soul

Stop…take a breath

Sternly you ask
What about the body
What to do
Set fire on the desert floor
Scatter my ashes here
With the Grandmothers
In site of Taos Mountain
My heart sinks to think of
When I will not be
But… I will be happy
To be a part of all eternity


Note:  I realize I have created a different journey, than perhaps Brenda had in mind, with her holiday aboard the houseboat, but who knows where the words will take you?  I decided to make the “words” a dark red and bold, and then to highlight in color the “color words,” just for fun.

Note:  My blog somethingsithinkabout-annell-annell.blogspot.com has disappeared.  I am at a loss?

July 29, 2012 Sunday Whirl #67

Sunday Whirl #67

Dinner for Four

The crest of the mountains

Dig deep into the canapy of clouds

Like lace

Layered over a clear blue sky

Fly through the air


Channeling death…or near death

There is no attack

No scores to be settled

Each falling from the air

Taking part in the feast

It is orderly as if by tradition

No frenzy

Some would say…

They are wayward

They pass the ball on the court

Dressed to the “nines”

A robust game

All is sublime

Their life though strange

A rough purification

Note: The beginning is the scene I saw on my way to town, and four turkey vultures circling the tennis court, and I wondered…who or what are they circling?  And then I thought about how noble they are, just doing their job.

March 6, 2012

Spring Time in Taos

Happy Birthday Spring

Some came reciting their verses
Learned in Sunday school
Others came in search
Of silent, secret, invisible words
To tell a new story
A new life
In a new world

Sir Robin Redbreast
Flew to the window
Wants to come in
Feathers glistened in the
Waning afternoon sunlight

Shadows lengthened
Tops of dark green pine trees
Still loaded with rich red cones
Snow in ragged patterns
Snuggle at the base of chimisa
Sounds of music muffled low
Announces season’s change
New beginning, birth, renewal
We give life another go