End of Summer

A Stone: One daily observation.

End of summer, a time of longing.


We write Poems:  prompt a moving poem.

End of Summer

In the morning

The feel of autumn

Summer fades

Promises to return

The early light

Caresses the mountains

Skin as tough as a turtle shell

Birds in gentle flight

End of summer a welcome relief

Goodbye to hot lazy afternoons

Breathless evenings

Time of waiting

Time of longing

Cool autumn air beckons

Afternoon needs a sweater

Evening demands a fire

11 thoughts on “August 17, 2011 A Stone

  1. You must be cooling down faster than we are, but that hint of autumn breeze is with us in the mornings. I can’t wait. My favourite time of year. Love the line : “Skin as tough as a turtle shell”.


  2. Hi Annell, your poem reminds me that I should start looking at We Write Poems again. I had enjoyed that site, but got away from it. As far as thinking of end of summer as a welcome relief, I don’t feel the same. I am always saddened by summer’s (my favorite season) end and somehow count down my life in summers yet to be lived. Soon one more summer will be history for me, and that saddens me.

  3. Elemental, how your poem is. I feel the relationship, person and place, and observing change. Grounding water, that’s the phrase that comes to me. Good point of view.

    Thanks for sharing your unique perspective here.

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