Tuesday August 16, 2011 A Stone

Late Afternoon Taos Mountain

Late Afternoon/end of day

End of Day/End of Summer

A Stone; one daily observation.

With old friends we shared the view.  Words are not necessary.

Magpie Tales

Time to Paint

Time to Paint

Cover the old

The tired

The worn

A fresh coat of paint

Will do wonders




Anything is possible





Everything new

Everything fresh

A fresh coat of paint

Will do wonders

13 thoughts on “Tuesday August 16, 2011 A Stone

  1. Gloriously beautiful photos……..sigh. I felt like I was sitting there with you, watching the afternoon fade away. Love the fresh coat of paint poem, too. I never can get over the difference a fresh coat of paint makes in one’s world:)

  2. Absolutely wonderful photos Annell. And yes, sometimes words are not necessary. Meanwhile paint can do a lot of things, but first it must be applied. That thought makes me tired. Your poem, on the other hand is very upbeat and postive,


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