Saturday August 6, 2011 A Stone /dVerse

Golden Sunset

A Stone: One Daily Observation.

Gold enough for a queen

Gold enough to share


dVerse Poets Pub:  Prompt poem inspired by Giorgio de Chirico

Mystery and Melancholy


In a hot and dusty

Spanish town

Sitting quietly in the shade

The wind cools the hot afternoon

Guitar music floats out

Through the open door

Pink, white and red

Hollyhocks move gently

To the music

They long to pull up their

Roots and dance the Flameco

Click their heels

Hold up their ruffled skirts

That fall from their bodies

I look up and they have

Reclaimed their place in the garden

A single airplane

Slices the blue over head

Its’ muffled sound

Spills into the valley

To lay down in silence