Sunday Scribbling prompt: Forward.


New Mexico Landscape



To go forward

So often imagined

Day into night

Night into day

A cycle

As we move on that circle

Is that going forward

Each day we are one day older

And by the end of the week

Which passes in a blink

We are seven days older

Is that also a way to going forward

When I think of going forwar

I think of a straight line

All the while I know

To go forward isn’t always straight

Maybe on step forward

And one step to the side

A zig zag approach

More often used when going forward

6 thoughts on “Sunday August 14, 2011 Sunday Scribbling

  1. It’s strange isn’t it – I wonder if perfect straight lines exist in nature..or if it’s an impossible belief we hold..the landscape in the picture suggests that in order to move forward you have to go over and around obstacles..Jae

    1. I think you are right. Although I think a bird might fly in a straight line?(but even that, is probably not actually straight when you look up close?) That is all I can think of? Nature has a way of moving like a snake, as in rivers, wind, snow (seems to flutters in serpentine patterns) … maybe rain falls down straight? Can you think of anything?

      Not too long ago, I was walking on the road, and had a big view of the sky. I was wishing I could see a falcon fall from the sky.(As I have seen on the TV.) And I noticed a bird flying on the thermals, rising higher and higher, and all of a sudden he fell, “straight” down to the earth. It was a falcon, who said wishes don’t come true? So there you have it, another incident where a bird falls through the air in a “straight” line?

      Thanks for your comments. Annell Livingston HC 74 Box 21860 El Prado, NM 87529

  2. Spectacularly beautiful landscape. I love your banner photo so much. Often it is one step forward, two steps back. Detour, around, up and over………the maze….the labyrinth…….the circle………..

  3. Sometimes I would like to go ‘forward’ without getting older. Impossible, I know. I have zigzagged around through life, but thankfully have mostly stayed on the path that has mostly brought good!

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