Sunday Whirl  #111

vault, halls, swirl, crave, throat, wind, limbs, nimble, prairie, rapture, train, each


Deep in the Bones
You have raided the vault
For the personal/universal
A plethora of images
Memory swirls with time
Deck the halls

Breath caught in throat
Wind knocked from lungs
Limbs useless
Like an insect
Trapped in your web
Skillfully woven

A magician
A wizard
A seer
Nimble in your ability
To explore past and present
Piece together
What is visible
Then imperceptible

Perhaps a surgeon
Who opens the viewer
And draws out from the bone
What is not known
Or consciously remembered

Ride the train
Across open prairie
Each image fading
As it appears

The viewer
Craves to know
What is behind each image
Why was it chosen
What is this about

Is in rapture
As he fills in the blanks
Tells his story
Minds his own memory
The story of man
Hidden deep in the bones

Note: Yesterday after a long day in the studio. The sun still shining, the wind howling like a banshie, I found in the mailbox, and catalogue from Glen Skien, about his show Mytho-poetic. His work is stunning. And I want you to know about him.  A rare and authentic artist! He has a blog: You can google Glen Skien for images.



The Yellow Flowerpot

I lie on my back

Curled into the bottom

Of the yellow flower pot

How long have I been lying here

I cannot say

As my brain quit

The minute I died

And left the scene

My body dried

I lie upside down in

A yellow flower pot

When living

I lead a secret life

Stealth was my trade

So good at my job

No one noticed

When I dropped

Into the pot

And died

Without a sound

Lying on my back

Curled in the bottom

Of the yellow flower pot

29 thoughts on “June 1, 2013 Sunday Whirl #111 Deep in the Bones/Prompt:

  1. minds his own memory…i like the knitting together of our stories…nice touch on the train as well…would love to take a train trip again…any way, nice progression…and i will check him out…

  2. “Ride the train
    Across open prairie
    Each image fading
    As it appears” — this jumped at me…reminding me of journeys I’ve untaken…each place falling into the background as a new location emerges.

    Love your writing.

  3. Annell,

    Both very depthful poems, brimming with very powerful imagery. An intensive study required to get behind the total understanding of Glen’s specific genre and style..Thank you for the link..
    The second poem was a reflection on the passing…and the sad find in the flowerpot..


  4. I just realized you had posted another poem underneath good thing I always double check to make sure! That image of the lizard is absolutely adorable which makes the poem quite sad but its a powerful and masterfully written poem. I am so daft sometimes today I tried my laundry in the fridge so sorry for missing the second poem for so long. I am so glad I came back I absolutely love your writing you are madly talented

    1. You say the sweetest things. Yes, I was in the studio and not feeling very inspired, I decided to water the plants. There is an empty yellow flower pot there and I noticed a little lizard….dead. It was a little sad, but that was my response.

      xoxoxoxo Annell Livingston HC 74 Box 21860 El Prado, NM 87529

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