Prompt: park, page, yard, status, shimmering, spill,

spewing, thunder, rest, curb, jets, steps


(Image of the 1930’s Dust Bowl from the Internet)

The Coming Dust Bowl

Thunderclap heard in distance
Yet no drops fall
Onto thirsty landscape

Status of the drought
Third year
Once shimmering lakes dry
No water in the spillway
Bird count down
No rest for the weary

Dust spewing in the wind
Jets fly overhead
In relentless blue
Reminiscent of the
1930’s dust bowl

Children play in the park
Without knowledge
Of the page
That will record the
Current dust bowl

No steps taken
To prevent the
Grass from turning brown
Impossible to curb
Our appetite for oil

Note:  I am having trouble with proper spacing?  Can anyone help me?

14 thoughts on “June 8, 2013 Sunday Whirl #112

  1. So vivid, and the children seemingly oblivious is so spot-on. No worries from them, only play.

    As far as the spacing, I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking…

  2. i am glad the children can still be oblivious at times to the trials we go through…ugh though…what a harsh reality it is for the parents though…

  3. Your poem and the image really put across the feeling of the dust bowl. Your closing lines pack a punch! Good one, kiddo. I have trouble with spacing too in draft. What I do is backspace the second line alongside the first line, hold down SHIFT while you hit Enter, and it will give you single line spacing. For the breaks, you have to hit enter twice instead of once. See if that works.

  4. Oil. So many things that seem to matter to us more than the Earth herself. The children’s oblivion is also the oblivion of many adults. Sadly. Strong write.

  5. Can’t help you with the spacing, Annell, but I will say you have written quite a poignant poem here, that says so much about our times.


  6. Living through drought is so terrible for people who make their living from the land. Mother Nature is so fickle. We’ve had a drought here for several years, and suddenly, we’ve had a month of rainy weather.

  7. What a sad and poignant poem on the Dust Bowl. It is scary to see the effects of climate change and the environmental changes affected by man.

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