Sunday Whirl: Wordle


Two Colors

To find two colors

Two color that will say it all

Colors that will flicker in the eye

Colors that will be in unison

To the thump of the heart

Two color to express

The heart beat

Red the bloody color of life

On the sidewalk I see the the red

In the gutter

Water catches the reflection sunset

Red tinged with orange (aureus)

Fill the bottle

Carry it to the studio

Mix into paint

The red gurgles as it flows from the bottle

My hand twitches as I mix

With crooked pallet knife

At last the shapes on the plane

are carved by the brush

Dipped into red and orange

9 thoughts on “Sunday October 30, 2011 Sunday Whirl

  1. Annell, this is truly beautiful. You write with an artist’s eye. I love the idea of two colors in unison to the thump of the heart.

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