Poets Aside, Robert Brewer: November Pad Chapbook Challenge, a poem a day.

First poem:

I put off one thing
For “another”
I do what I have to
For a while
It is how it has been

I cannot focus on one thing
Because I only desire “another”
I lay down two colors
Which delight the
Very soul of my eye

I watch the clock
Working quickly
Look for short cuts
Still it takes
As long as it takes
The love of the “other”

In time
I will find the “other”
But for now
I can only do this one thing
I do not work for money
Nor to another’s directions
I follow my own path
Worn over centuries
For all times

I follow the ones who went before
I kneel by the fire
I look into your eyes
I place my hand upon your heart
I am encircled by the
Essence of your love

2 thoughts on “November 2, 2011 November PAD Chapbook Challenge

  1. Annell, this is beautiful. There is always an ‘other’ to try to draw away one’s attention, isn’t there? Sometimes it is truly hard to focus on one thing; and no, we cannot rush what we are doing. As you said, it takes as long as it takes… one love at a time. There will be time for ‘the other.’

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