A Stone: One daily observation/ Theme Thursday/ prompt: New/  http://www.theme-thursday.com/

This Week
Has seen many things completed
The finish line has stayed illusively
Somewhere before me

Each day I return
To the silent studio
Everything as I left it
The day before

Like the photographer
In the dark room
I sense the magic
I await breathlessly

To see
The new image
Created by me
With the muse
At my side

9 thoughts on “Thursday October 20, 2011 A Stone/ Theme Thursday

  1. I seem to never finish anything these last few years. I start a book get halfway through and then start another. I seem to have half read books everywhere. I would never have done that before. I am thinking that is why I do not start a lot of things because I am not sure if I would finish. I guess I need to re-access a lot of things.

    Thanks for joining in on Theme Thursday.

    God bless.

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