Early Morning

A Stone: One daily observation

I have heard

When you are consentrating

On something

Looking straight ahead

Look to your right or your left

You may be surprised

At what is happening

Right beside you

That is what happened

This morning

I was at the computer

Trying to do something

And looked right

To catch the sun

Just rising above the mountain

8 thoughts on “Saturday October 15, 2011 A Stone

  1. What a beautiful sunrise, Annell. But then again, there are many beautiful sunrises, aren’t there? We just have to use our eyes and notice them and sometimes preserve them, as you do!

  2. Captured moments like that are so special aren’t they Annell..when no one is looking I look up at the stars..and all of a sudden the named bananas fade into nothing..because they are really nothing..hugs to you today..Jae

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