Beginning of a New Day

A Stone:  One daily observation.

The day begins quietly, doesn’t know what it wants to be.  Thunderstorm expected in the afternoon, until then it will be another hot day.


This is a very busy time for me, I have no time to “gather scattered words, to make sense of it all”.  It isn’t a transition time, but perhaps a time for completing projects.  All seems pressing right now, only wish I could get these things finished, so I could do what I want.  I started an investigation several months ago, and just haven’t had enough time to really get into it, so it calls to me.  Whispers my name, teases me and of course I want to respond.  What to search in this playground I have created.

Still Life

I am looking at still life, and asking the question.  “How much information is needed?”  And right now I cannot finish the question.  How much information is needed, for what?  To create an interesting painting?  For the viewer to still recognize the painting as “still life?”  I am a little bit lost right now, so you see how much I would like to stay with this, even if it is to finish my question.  What am I asking?


Theme Thursday prompt:  Tree


I’ve been looking

At trees all summer

I want to capture them

I want to keep them

I want to do a series

Of drawings of trees


Summer is almost gone

The series may be of “winter trees”



I continue to look at trees


9 thoughts on “Thursday August 11, 2011 A Stone/ Recent Project / Theme Thursday

  1. Annell, I LOVE the look of your site. The top photo is especially breathtaking. Wow, you live in such beauty.

    I so know the feelings you express. I am over loaded right now too, no time or energy for writing. Argh. This is when I look forward to fall and winter and indoor weather – and time to write!!!!! It is on the way. I can feel it in the air in the late evening.

    Trees. How wonderful. A series of winter trees would be a wonderful exploration.

  2. Annell, nopthing profound from me. Only appreciation. I am going yhrough a somewhat difficul time, but wanted to visity the blohs of people I care about.

  3. Just like people, every tree has a story. The artist and the poet seek to capture that story, or perhaps a better wording is to release the story. Love the photos and the still life.

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