February 9, 2013 Sunday Whirl

Wordle #95

court, rare, open, bathe, plume, coral,
ball, term, bottle, incident, thread, dry
(Image from the internet)

Another Day Neil Went Away

There was another incident
Another day he went away
He searched for a place
Where he was not there
Unlike the final time…
There was always the possibility
He would return

I don’t remember the words spoken
Just that he went away…
The hour was late
The bare branches of the winter trees
Traced patterns of lace
Against the plume and coral sky

The court was empty
The jester gone
Packed his bottle
And his ball
Hit the open road
Took his struggle
Out of sight
As was only right

Between then and now
He would not know
A dry day
Unless in jail
Killed himself
In that slow way
People do
Who are
Addicted to the drink

It seemed
He could have bathed
His past away
But he did what he did
And could not have done

He served his term
On earth
A tortured soul
And yet the rare
Treasure he was
He could not see

He followed the thread
That was his own
Surrounded by love
He did not know
Or could not accept
A lonely man indeed

Spring will come
The weather will be warmer
At last
He’ll get his wish
He won’t be there

Note: Today I write again about my friend Neil. With sadness I am thinking of the other times he left. His was a sad story but not unique. There are some things that just can not be fixed. Today I will light a candle for him.

February 3, 2013 Sunday Wordle #94 and dVerse

IMG_9279miserable, fuss, wish, go, again, interest
bust, figure, prove, straight, enough, sweet

The sands of time
Have slipped through
Without warning
I am not miserable
Nor will I make a fuss
Over the loss of January

I will remain in
This very moment
Tend my wishes
Like the gardener in spring
Wait for sweet results
Though I admit
I am so tired of winter
I could bust
With its pristine white
Blanket covering the road
Now spun frosting
Of brown sugar

The snow melts
Runs down hill in rivulets
Straight into the arroyo
Usually as dry as bleached bones
Where thirsty sage waits

Ravens circle above the arroyo
Call to each other
Like children in the play yard
Push and shove
Try to sit in the
Same exact spot on the coyote fence
Gossip about the neighbors
Tell the news
Nothing to prove

The sun shines
My shadow supports
The lone figure
On the mesa
It is enough

Note: The image I have selected is of objects on the windowsill in the studio, on a cold February day. ┬áThe weather report says, “Mostly sunny, cold.”

The prompt for dVerse was about shadows, I realized in the piece I wrote for Sunday Whirl I talk about the shadow in the last part, but I wanted to write something more.

Light and Shadows

Light and dark
Shadow side of the moon
The other side of the coin
Sunshine and shadow

Black and white
The valley of the shadow of death
Joy and sorrow
Night and day

Light and dark
If only we can remember
The brightest light
Is found in the darkest shadow

When we are in the shadow
The shadow is in us
And we will take it
Where ever we go

Light and dark
It is a part of us
One not better
Than the other

Sunday August 19, 2012 Sunday Whirl #70

Sunday Whirl

Memory of Winter’s Cold Breath
The morning breaks
Like a crystal goblet
Shattering to the floor
You are there
On the tip of dreams

The world of the mesa is tinted
A vivid pink by early morning light
Tiny sparkles glitter
Gently nick memory bubble

Drifts of snow from years past
Split past and present
The tide rises
Waves of memory
Wash over me
Crash to the shore

There is nothing to be fixed
Tinny sounds of church bells
In faraway distance
Prelude to coming of
Winter’s cold breath
Insidious down my jacket
Freezing limbs
Which never seem to wake

December 14, 2011 We Write Poems #84 Window Faces

Window image

We Write Poems #84 Window Faces

Window Faces

Faces at the window

Shadows on the wall

Not your’s or mine

But all the faces

Passing by

Each unique

Snows covers the ground

It is the winter of the year

The wind blows through

The evergreens on the hillside

Weapons explode

Still it is forever quiet

On the mesa

It is the “still life” of the year

All is waiting

Standing still


Soon all will begin again

Some will be here to see this

And some will not

Some will be stars

And some will be shadows

Some will be faces in the window