February 17, 2013 dVerse

The prompt or question for the day was, why do you write?  Brian is host today, and he has asked, why do you write.  I am a visual artist, but I often write about what I am doing, in hopes I can be clear about what I am doing, and can then judge what I am doing.


One Day in the Life… (Day/Night)  22″x22″ each  gouache on w/c paper



A Day in the Life…
To try to put into words
What we do as visual artists
Is a difficult task
Perhaps we are trying to answer
The whisper
The loud voice of thunder
The cool movement of wind
To determine the character of the day

In this series
A Day in The Life…
Each day I study
The New Mexico landscape
I ask myself what is the
Quality of the light
The color of the sky and the land
What is the difference

How does this day
Differ from the day before
Considering one day at a time
One hour at a time
One moment
Which becomes the next

I make notes in my journal
Later …
Select an entry
Try to interpret
What I have written
Into a visual statement
Making the invisible

Many thoughts
Feelings and
Are present to each of us
In the space of 24 hours

I try to make visible
One moment of the day
Which will stand for the
Character of the total day
Time passes
Visibly before my eyes
I work intently
Like the spider spinning it’s web

The finished work unknown until complete
I work to create the visible statement
Indefinable in words
Matching it to the
Interior landscape
That is known only to me
To my artist self
Expressing living thoughts
Of varied experiences
My own changing
Points of view
My goadl is to tell the story of a man
Based on one moment of his life

December 14, 2011 We Write Poems #84 Window Faces

Window image

We Write Poems #84 Window Faces

Window Faces

Faces at the window

Shadows on the wall

Not your’s or mine

But all the faces

Passing by

Each unique

Snows covers the ground

It is the winter of the year

The wind blows through

The evergreens on the hillside

Weapons explode

Still it is forever quiet

On the mesa

It is the “still life” of the year

All is waiting

Standing still


Soon all will begin again

Some will be here to see this

And some will not

Some will be stars

And some will be shadows

Some will be faces in the window