March 17, 2013 Sunday Whirl #100

The Callin’
It happened out back
Behind the summer kitchen
A cold wind from the North
Screamed like a Banshie
I heard my name
Some say
It was a “callin'”

To hear the call
Understand the meaning
The goal is to master the task

Faint words blow across the mesa
An invitation to create
To grow
To stretch
To share

The journey will be lonely
If you catch that train
Destination unknown
You will visit places
Walk streets
Beyond dreams

The seasons change
Mark time
The river crests
The passing years
Cast on the wind
You may keep nothing
For nothing is promised
You will march to your death
Head held high
And you will die

In the end
When asked
You will say
It was all worth it

Note: Congratulations and happy one hundred wordles!