February 17, 2013 Sunday Whirl #96

under, naked, scurries, birth, imaginary, hiding,
door, faces, root, candlelight, lack, held
DSCN1191A New Day
Under a starless sky
The night scurries naked
Back to his hiding place
The sun prepares
For the birth
Of a new day
Rising above Taos Mountain
Lighting the valley
And the whole world

The artist opens
The door of the
Little imaginary cage
Of ideas
Selects one
That will take root
And grow

As night returns
She works by candlelight
Held with one hand
At work with the other
She faces new challenges
With lack of fear
Of night
Or her own
Darkest doubt

Sunday November 18, 2012 Sunday Whirl

Sun Rises above Taos Mountain

Silent Saturday Morning

Fire in the hearth

Stone cold

Time to repent

Say I’m sorry

For your loss

For my own


Wrapped in pride

Fail to see the wrong

Unless I awake

Open my eyes

Life waits in hiding

Hard to find

The lost needle

In the hay stack

No belonging to the

Unbroken thread

Beauty surrounds

Sun rises

Over Taos Mountain

One intent or bust

Somethings of value

Cannot be pawned

Stolen, hoarded, or touched

October 14, 2012 Sunday Whirl Wordle #78


Childhood of the Day

The first hour of light

The sun having cleared

Taos Mountain

A soft blue-grey

Deeper blue near the horizon

A pink band above

Like the inside of a shell

Washed ashore



Standing in silence

Thunder forgotten

Vows given

No excuses

Quiet anticipation

Awaiting the shift

The day promised


An umbrella of abstractions

Joined sunshine and shadows

360 degrees

An inheritance of inspiration

Saturday April 14, 2012 Sunday Whirl #52

Sunday Whirl #52

Still Life #54  24″x24″  gouache on oriental paper

The Rich Color of Grey
The habit
At a glance
Starched and stiff
No longer flexible
Appears black
Like the widow’s
Old knapsack

Hymns sung in
The key of grey
Sweet and low
In the early
Morning day
The light is low
Mostly grey

Grey a color
Richer still
Dramatic when
Combined with red
Forceful like a vixen
Playing tricks

A siren swims
In swirling flames
Push the energy
Up the mountain side
Exchange your breath
For a blend of peace

Close the lid
Lock down tight
Day is done
The light is low
Mostly grey

In the snow

August 29, 2011 A Stone/ Sunday Whirl

Late Afternoon over Taos Mountain

A Stone: One Daily Observation

Nothing to obstruct the view.

Blood of Christ

The Mountain reflects blood red

Red Hot in the West

Each part of the sky competes for your attention

Sunset in the West

Sunset in the Western Sky

End of a Perfect Day

Marks the end of a perfect day

A reminder of the “gift” given


Sunday Whirl

Wordle #19


Coyote Laughs Last

Residue rises to the top

Floats, bubbles

The wheel turns

New green into yellow

Coyote mocks man

Made of matter

Something from nothing

Skins hang from the rafters

In sickening silence

There is no truth

Coyote mocks man

The breeze passes

A small movement

A rustle of wrapping paper

A kiss behind the ear

Man sees nothing

Coyote mocks man

You snuggle your cloak

Tightly around your body

The vessel

Which holds the fire of hatred

Coyote mocks man

I sweep fervently

Gathering the trash along the roadside

Open the trunk

A small carry on case

Holds the remains

Each individually wrapped

Dust to dust

Coyote mocks man