October 14, 2012 Sunday Whirl Wordle #78


Childhood of the Day

The first hour of light

The sun having cleared

Taos Mountain

A soft blue-grey

Deeper blue near the horizon

A pink band above

Like the inside of a shell

Washed ashore



Standing in silence

Thunder forgotten

Vows given

No excuses

Quiet anticipation

Awaiting the shift

The day promised


An umbrella of abstractions

Joined sunshine and shadows

360 degrees

An inheritance of inspiration

September 15, 2012 Autumn Challenge The River Journal

The lane ahead
Reaches out to me
Beckons my travel
From my vantage
High above the canyon
I see sunshine and shadows
Wait for me

Life is like that
Don’t you see
A cornucopia
Full to overflow
Trees dressed in color
Geese fly south in a V
Step on a crack
Break your Mother’s back

Wild meadow asters
Bloom purple along roadside
Sunflowers and chemisa-yellow
Herald change
Fall is here
Apples red and ready
An invitation to hungry bears

Sunshine and shadows
Joy and sorrows
Days of change
Marked on a calendar
Time of deep feelings
Preparation & expectation

Autumn is here