Monday August 30, 2011 A Stone/ Magpie Tales

Rain Clouds build up to a beautiful blue

A Stone: One daily Observation

Rain Clouds and Water Spirits help to create glorious Sunset

Last night El Prado mesa received life giving moisture in the form of a generous rain.

Magpie Tales
Red Umbrella

In the desert

Hot and dry

The parched earth waits

Umbrella isn’t often needed

On occasion

It rains so hard

Flash floods in the arroyos

The red umbrella

You carry

Could become a boat


August 29, 2011 A Stone/ Sunday Whirl

Late Afternoon over Taos Mountain

A Stone: One Daily Observation

Nothing to obstruct the view.

Blood of Christ

The Mountain reflects blood red

Red Hot in the West

Each part of the sky competes for your attention

Sunset in the West

Sunset in the Western Sky

End of a Perfect Day

Marks the end of a perfect day

A reminder of the “gift” given


Sunday Whirl

Wordle #19


Coyote Laughs Last

Residue rises to the top

Floats, bubbles

The wheel turns

New green into yellow

Coyote mocks man

Made of matter

Something from nothing

Skins hang from the rafters

In sickening silence

There is no truth

Coyote mocks man

The breeze passes

A small movement

A rustle of wrapping paper

A kiss behind the ear

Man sees nothing

Coyote mocks man

You snuggle your cloak

Tightly around your body

The vessel

Which holds the fire of hatred

Coyote mocks man

I sweep fervently

Gathering the trash along the roadside

Open the trunk

A small carry on case

Holds the remains

Each individually wrapped

Dust to dust

Coyote mocks man

Sunday August 7, 2011 A Handful of Stones/Sunday Whirl/ Carry On Tuesday

The rain turned a lovely shade of pink
“Walking Rain”
Sunset of Gold

A handful of stones: Several daily observations.

The late afternoon becomes the master’s canvas.  In the last image there is the moon in the sky and it seems, below there is a light acting as echo.  It seems to be something about the “joining of heaven and earth.”  Native people could see this when they came to the edge of a stream and saw the sparkling mica in the water, they said it  was “joining heaven and earth.”


Sunday Wordle

Little Girl’s Favorite Thing

Was to sweep

In the morning she would begin sweeping

Swept the sun on its journey through the day

Swept the cement walk

Swept away the rusty nails

Swept the path for crawling prophets

Tenderly she swept away the torment of scars

Made notes of all that needed to be swept

One day she swept herself away


Carry On Tuesday #117 Prompt:  Rupert Brooke’s poem.  The opening line “If I should die, think only this of me.”

Woman Sweeps a Path

She Sweeps a Path of  Her Own

The poem began

“If I should die”

And I thought

Not “if” but “when” I die

For I will

It is so for each of us

The day draws nearer

I hope you will

“Think this of me”

She walked a narrow path

Of her own choosing

Followed no words of man

Gave her best

To all she met on the trail

Asked no more than

She was willing to give

Looked for beauty in each day

Her heart full of joy

Lived each day in gratitude

For the many gifts of life

Especially for you