Thursday August 18, 2011 A Stone/ Theme Thursday/ Thursday Think Tank


A Stone: One daily observation.

Morning whispers greeting, remembers where I left off yesterday.  Invites me to begin again.

Note* I looked out my window the first thing this morning.  And thought, it changes so quickly, what is glorious will soon change.  I flew from my bed, grabbed the keys, went to studio, got the camera, and took this pic.  How grateful I am.  My heart is filled from the first moment I awakened.  This has to be a wonderful day.  And if you share this with me, it will be a wonderful day for you, too.


Theme Thursday

Prompt: Split


I fall forward

My thoughts split

And run on tiny feet

In every direction

Shape shifting along the way


Perhaps before the end of day

Time of split between light and dark

They will return

Become one

I will know them

Recognize their meaning

As they take their proper place

In the universe


Thursday Think Tank #61 She


Soft and warm

Missed and longed for

In cold places

Necessary at birth

Holds the hand of the dying

She is bedrock

Stands alone

Asks for kindness — little more

Howls at the moon




Still just a woman

Life is not worth

Living without her

Note* The words I speak are true.