March 9, 2013 Sunday Whirl #99


Fragments III #131  30″x30″  gouache on watercolor paper



The Widow Sits by the Window
Paint, painted, painting
A world of color
A carefree spree
Insider, outsider
Who is to say
Who uses the paint

The widow sits by the window
Remembers intimate moment
Written on the heart
Held in the body
Personal landscape
A Vermeer painting

Her life a fearsome
Still life
Since he went away
The studio her reserve
The part that is her own
To use the paint
As she chooses

Prompt: paint, use, sprees, outsider, away, fearsome,
part, reserves, body, intimate, writt

Saturday August 11, 2012 Writing Challenge

Out of Paint
Headed south
Taos in the rearview mirror
Thinking of you
Wonder where you are

Sunflowers bloom yellow
Along roadside
Rocks lie in wait
For someone to carry
Them to new places

The New Mexico
Sky a pale blue
Shrouding mountains
On the horizon

Yellow sign marks crossing
For Mr. Romero’s cow
Evergreens gather
In the foothills

Buffalo, elk jerky
And pinion nuts
Sold along roadside
Winding down
Into the canyon
Following the Rio Grand
All is lush and green

Near the river
Trees grow tall
A short distance away
Ancient old trees
Stunted in their growth
The sun bakes and cracks
The surface of the earth

Without water
The desert is austere
Clings to life on the edge

Emergency trip to Santa Fe
Paint-box empty
No paint for
What seems a “lifetime”
The art supply store is
Permanently closed
For the artist
Without paint
Life is austere

Summer Writing Challenge

July 22, 2012 Sunday Whirl #66 and the Mag #127

Image from the internet.

Sunday Whirl #66

The Melancholy Painter

Swinging the loaded brush with abandon

Mixing the powdered colors

Rosy red

The blood on which she stands

Pale gold the accumulation of years

The pigment covers the plane

Stray drops spray

As she flings the paint

Erotically touching

The tips of green grass

The picture in her mind’s eye


Image from the internet.


The Mag #127

The Letter

The shadow of your dark image

Crosses before me

The message you have brought




You speak to me as only you can

I reach into the dark

Touch your extended fingers

Know you are there

Without fear

I continue the journey

Without map

Strain to see the “way”

Yet you have told me

You are with me

I am not alone