Sunday October 7, 2012 Sunday Wordle #77

Ho Down

With all the charm he could muster

He extended his hand

Asked for the dance

She from the place

Where the red willows grow

Broke the crust from her demeanor

Rose from her chair

With a rustle of her skirt

Joined him on the dance floor

Excitment unbearable

Thought she might explode

Go up in smoke

For long she had been mending

The patchwork of her life

Her heart brittle

Long on the shelf

Collecting dust

Wrapped in cobwebs

Her movements to the music reached

A fevered pitch

The music stopped

A gentle breeze moved her hair

His piercing eyes embraced her

She slipped easily

Into the sheath of his love

Note:  The night before I watched Pride and Prejudice, so the story of Mr. Darcey and Lizzie lingered in my mind.  And when Brenda suggested dance, I could go nowhere else.