Saturday January 12, 2013 Sunday Whirl 91

burden, bends, drunk, poetry, virtue, palace,
ditch, diminishing, wish, breaks, room, steps

The Studio Visit

You step into the room
Dressed in black
Head to toe
Return from the north
Come in from the cold
Gratefully mention
The virtue of warmth

It is no palace
Only a simple studio
A place of creativity
As we review the work
The hour bends
We are drunk with images

Take a break…

Quietly we sit
And sip our tea
Our knees touch
Diminishing the distance
Between us
You have traveled far
While I am here working
We are not the same
As we were in May
We speak of
“The Clock”
Of time

The images
Like poetry
With ties to the past
Express wishes
As if they have
Been here forever waiting
While some are ditched
Others are praised
And yet…
Many images seen for
The first time