February 16, 2013 dVerse Neil’s Last Words

Neil’s Last Words
There is more about the man
I would like to say
He was a little bit wily
…As in coyote
A little bit hermit
A little bit monk
A little bit seer
A little bit unknown

There in the courtyard
Is the garden he designed
We worked together
To get it done
I think he lingers there
At least his memory
He left his energy
On each rock he touched
And carefully placed

Perhaps he was a hero
Of the cowboy movie…
That played in his head
Enjoyed the fun..
A little bit
Charlie Chaplin
A little bit unknown

And I will tell you this
Days later…
I saw him on the road
As I often did before
He went away…
He turned
Over his shoulder
He smiled and winked
As if to say
Don’t worry about me
I’m OK
After all
It was all in fun
Quite a ride
Wait for me
Maybe I’ll be back

Note: This was written for dVerse Poetics: Leonard Cohen and Place.

Saturday March 3, 2011 Wordle


Early Morning Encounter

Still coatless I pull on woolly socks

As the early mornng shadow chills my spine

The white snow transforms the landscape

From my kitchen window

I see you rise up from

Your bed of twigs

To meet this cold morn

Your daughter is with you

The fullness of your coat

Keeps you unaware

Of the icy flakes

That settle on your back

You have returned

After many days

I will not admonish you

But prefer your presence

Between my teeth

And along my tongue

I taste the metal of your absence

August 29, 2011 A Stone/ Sunday Whirl

Late Afternoon over Taos Mountain

A Stone: One Daily Observation

Nothing to obstruct the view.

Blood of Christ

The Mountain reflects blood red

Red Hot in the West

Each part of the sky competes for your attention

Sunset in the West

Sunset in the Western Sky

End of a Perfect Day

Marks the end of a perfect day

A reminder of the “gift” given


Sunday Whirl

Wordle #19


Coyote Laughs Last

Residue rises to the top

Floats, bubbles

The wheel turns

New green into yellow

Coyote mocks man

Made of matter

Something from nothing

Skins hang from the rafters

In sickening silence

There is no truth

Coyote mocks man

The breeze passes

A small movement

A rustle of wrapping paper

A kiss behind the ear

Man sees nothing

Coyote mocks man

You snuggle your cloak

Tightly around your body

The vessel

Which holds the fire of hatred

Coyote mocks man

I sweep fervently

Gathering the trash along the roadside

Open the trunk

A small carry on case

Holds the remains

Each individually wrapped

Dust to dust

Coyote mocks man