April 4, 2013 Writer’s Digest Pad Challenge A Poem a Day/ National Poetry Month


Prompt:  “Hold that Blank.”


#4 Pad Challenge National Poetry Month

“Hold that……”
Hold that apple
Red like blood
Bright and shiny

Hold that bear
Brown and furry
Don’t let him go

Hold that cat
Small and fleet

Hold that dog
His Mom left him
By the stream
She had so many children
She didn’t know what to do

Hold that elephant
No easy task

Hold that falcon
Get him in sight
As he rises on the thermals

Hold that gorilla
And he will hold you back

Hold that turtle
A living box
In your hand

Hold the world
Tenderly as a lover

January 15, 2011 Sunday Whirl

winter-pond wordle

Wordle #39

Promise of Spring
Bear is not vain
Chooses winter to be dormant
Kneeling in her cave
Padding the surface with soft grasses
Sleep away the winter
In the depth of her cave
All is still
Still life

Time to reflect
To contemplate
Fresh crisp greens of spring
Dotted along the river
Home of the salmon
To reel in as many as she can

In Spring
She looks across the broad meadow
A spectacle that is new
A promise