January 20, 2013 Sunday Whirl #92


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charge, art, knocks, filaments, cell, sticky,

pearls, bone,  linen, air, beware, skin, call

When the Muse Comes to Call

From afar I heard the call

A charge to keep

She knocked upon my door

Filaments of her hair

Every color of the rainbow

Her skin glowed in the morning air

Dressed in linen

Voice like pearls

Every cell in my body responded

In the depth of my bones

Her words are written

She is with me daily

She rules the practice of art

Beware her message is sticky

You will not be able to put it down

Note:  Every artist has her muse.  I imagine my muse brings colors, and her clothes are covered with patterns.

Saturday September 3, 2011 A Stone/ Sunday Whirl

End of Day

A Stone: One daily Observation

End of a busy day.  I accompanied my dealer to two studio visits.  And was excited about the work we saw.  And again, I was reminded of the importance of seeing the actual work.  To “see” or “experience” art is such a different experience, than seeing reproductions of the work.  I guess it is like seeing a picture of a person, and thinking that you then know them.

Note* I have been thinking perhaps I have posted too many pics of sun sets and sun rises.  But often I cannot resist.  I grab my camera and just have to take that picture.


Sunday Whirl

Fear of Flying

The birdlike woman

Sees the bird

Stands quivering

Knows they are the same

Knows she can fly

She crawls back into her cave

Armed with the knowledge

Of the perfect arch

Knows her creation

Is not God’s goof

But that she is

 A perfect bloom

As she rests upon the rack

Her thoughts are pallid

And like a far away dream

Faintly heard

The night sky is studded

With hordes of bright stars

…about flying

She recognizes

The only hitch

Is her lack of feathered wings

But she will not let this bar

Discourage her