Sunday December 15, 2012 Wordle #87

Wordle #87

top, list glassy, unfolded, itch, rushes, slicks, listen, sign, lighten, tragic, visalility, milky


Image from the Internet

A Material Gift to Honor the Man

Who Did not Collect Material Gifts

List made

Checked twice

At the top

A gift for you

With glassy eyes I stare

At the milky blank space

Where the gift should be written

No idea…

There is no word for lack of it

Fold and unfold the paper

Wrinkled and torn like a photo

By the Starns twins

Palms itch

Idea after idea rushes to be rejected

None seem right

I listen to the songs of the season and sigh

Holiday load would be lightened

If only a slick idea

Would materialize

Christmas morning will be tragic

For lack of gift to give

Snow is expected

Visability low

Note:  Sometimes it is not the buying of the gift at the shopping mall, but the idea of the perfect gift to give.  The holiday has become one big “potlatch.”  And we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to find that perfect gift.  I selected the image of the book, The Gift, one of my favorites.    And Merry Christmas to all…….

December 8, 2012 Wordle #86

bland, forged, rejuvenate, stress, innate, delicate,

relentless, space, coast, hat, rampant, spectrum
Taos Mountain
Taos Mountain

Taos Mountain

Christmas in the Desert
So far…
Season is bland
Temperatures the
Same as late summer
Time stands still
Sense of waiting
Feelings forged into sameness
Time to rejuvenate
Awaken old souls
Without stress or loss
Innate sense of wonder
Delicate childhood
Endings in the air
Time for change
New space
New traditions
New paths
Along desert coastline
Don hat to protect
Against relentless sun
And other dangers
Memories run rampant
…And you say the “tests” are negative
Life’s full spectrum
Colors in all the spaces
…Snow expected
On Christmas
Sleigh bells ring!
Note:  As I was working on my piece, lost in reverie, I was contacted by a friend telling me, his partner has cancer, and the first tests were negative for it’s spread to the brain and that there would be more tests.  I wanted to add that line, as I think it illustrates “life,” while we are busy doing something, something else happens.  It all becomes woven together, into something unique.

Sunday December 2, 2012 Sunday Whirl #85




Barbada’s Pink Sand Beach Photo Courtesy:

Antiqua & Barbuda Tourism

Was it an affair to remember
Or one to forget
The loss rendered me forlorn
Unable to find my way
Lost in desire
Manic the state
Between mood and the sunny day
There was a clash
Unable to to fuse the two
The roughhewn moon
Waxed and waned
A fork in the road
Caused confusion
The drive headed west
Unsure what I would find
Upon arrival
Or if I would know
I had arrived
I searched for the pink sand
Between your fingers


November 25, 2012 Sunday Whirl #84

Wordle  #84  :  Still, scent, sight, fell, fleck, sway, load, heap, skimmed, held, end, fill


The Scent of Thanksgiving

Fills the air

Every nook and crannie

Found myself swaying

To the holiday music

Remembering sights

And sounds

Of other holidays

Long ago

Lost in reverie

You were all there still

Held each one in long embrace

The scene inside my head

Heaped with emotion

Only a fleck of reality

Fell into the morning light

The wagon loaded

Horses hitched

Skimmed the fat

From the broth

In memory

World without end

Note:  It seems to me, the holidays are not as they were.  And there is a certain sorrow for all those who have gone before.  I miss them all.  This makes sense, since nothing stays the same and all things change.

Sunday Novermber 11, 1012 Sunday Whirl #82

In the woods near by
The air is cold and dry
Reluctant leaves
The last “hanger-ons”
Fall to the ground
Crackle beneath my feet

White Crested Sparrows
Strut along adobe walls
Small birds flock to the feeder
As never before
Look like shoppers on Black Friday

In the large rock is a hollow
Which fills with water
A place the kitten drinks

What is new in this world

Perhaps it is the Towie
Leaping into the juniper
Popping up like a jack-in-the-box
Although he may have been here
Many times
It is the first season
I have heard his song

The brook in the woods
Sleeping in its rocky bed
Gurgles like a phantom
Red willow grows alongside
Source of its name

Wordle #82

Note:  phantom, brook, rocky, hollow, leaping, dry, although, new, walls, never birds, woods

Note 2:  He said, “There was a lion and a coyote living in a cage together.  They are friends.”

She said, “One day maybe there was only the lion.”

He said, “In the animal world “friendship” has it’s limits.”

She said, “Maybe that is also true among humans?”

November 3, 2012 Sunday Whirl #81

(Image from the internet)

Sunday Whirl  #81: wrath, tumultuous, scramble, flees, shore, key, swelling, upbeat, depths, enable, rotten charm

(Image from the internet)


Woman shrouded in blue

Waits upon the shore

Waves swelling before her

Her dreams swim in the depths

Salt water the key

The end


Her life scrambled

Like yellow eggs upon a plate

Bright fall morning

Event tumultuous

Order flees

Nothing ever the same

Wrath takes over

No longer upbeat

It is her rotten charm

That has enabled her this far

Future uncertain

(Image from the internet)

Note:  Sandy a storm that will long be remembered.  Effects of climate change comes to New York City, and surrounding east coast area.

October 27, 2012 Sunday Whirl #80


(Image from the internet)

Sunday Whirl #80

Bound by Tradition

Rules on old tapes

Men and women

Powerless to find their own path

Follow or even to know

Their own wishes

Damage was done

Long ago

Introduced to a way of thinking

By parents

As they were

By theirs

No critical thinking

Not even one single thought

To call their own

The goal was

The thread within

Would remain unbroken

In our turn

We would do the same

Words:  Women, men, power, wish, damaged, way, think, single, thread, bound, within, we

Sunday October 20, 2012 Sunday Whirl #79

Wordle:  recommend, happening, cabinet, cafe, shelter, sturdy, handle, peanuts, fern, job, guide, score, face

(Image from the internet)

After a while…
The ringing stops
Silence takes over
She walks the halls
Crowded with memory
Hard to distinguish
Past from present
Mind as empty as
Her dance card

Unaware of what is happening
She paws through her cabinet
Of broken dreams
Seeks shelter in familiar places
Unknown to her
No longer able to handle
The requirements of daily life

Her step no longer sturdy
The cafe where she worked
She grasps the handle of her walker
Stumbles on peanuts
That are not there
Jimmy Carter waters the fern

How to keep score
How to find the guide
What is recommended
A difficult job
By any standard
The face of the old
Turns inward
End of life a mystery

October 14, 2012 Sunday Whirl Wordle #78


Childhood of the Day

The first hour of light

The sun having cleared

Taos Mountain

A soft blue-grey

Deeper blue near the horizon

A pink band above

Like the inside of a shell

Washed ashore



Standing in silence

Thunder forgotten

Vows given

No excuses

Quiet anticipation

Awaiting the shift

The day promised


An umbrella of abstractions

Joined sunshine and shadows

360 degrees

An inheritance of inspiration

Sunday October 7, 2012 Sunday Wordle #77

Ho Down

With all the charm he could muster

He extended his hand

Asked for the dance

She from the place

Where the red willows grow

Broke the crust from her demeanor

Rose from her chair

With a rustle of her skirt

Joined him on the dance floor

Excitment unbearable

Thought she might explode

Go up in smoke

For long she had been mending

The patchwork of her life

Her heart brittle

Long on the shelf

Collecting dust

Wrapped in cobwebs

Her movements to the music reached

A fevered pitch

The music stopped

A gentle breeze moved her hair

His piercing eyes embraced her

She slipped easily

Into the sheath of his love

Note:  The night before I watched Pride and Prejudice, so the story of Mr. Darcey and Lizzie lingered in my mind.  And when Brenda suggested dance, I could go nowhere else.