April 1, 2013 National Poetry Month Pad Challenge A Poem a Day

IMG_9391Poem a day:


Taos Valley
Spread out
Below the mesa
The houses like
Childrens blocks
Scattered in all directions

The morning quietly waits
The sky a pale blue
Delicate clouds on the horizon
Coyote fences along the road
Below ground
New growth unseen
Trembles with expectation

Travel the back roads
Welcome the unexpected
In the canyon
Where it is warmer
Some fruit trees
Welcome spring in full bloom

March 30, 2013 Sunday Whirl #102 Saturday Bird Songs


Saturday Bird Songs
Silently Lost behind the
Western most peak
On the horizon
Early Morning moon
All is still
Except for
A cacophony of bird song

A woman has written
Words like petals
Colorful and sweet
The monitor glows
Her staff the Keyboard

Years ago her home
Was a pit house
Foundation of stone
Her touchstone
A warrior/hunter
Man she loved

Now many generations later
She calls to her former self
Her own Grandmother
Of long ago
Locks her eyes upon
The horizon
Watches for a dust devil
To rise the powdered dust
From the desert floor

After awhile
Her eyes return
To the monitor
Her fingers to the keys
Sprinkle more petals
On the page
To be sung in
Saturday morning key