My Totem

At the top of my totem
Would be a “God’s” head
Of sorts
A round ball

Like a blue marble
The earth my origin
The top of my totem
Would float in a starry sky

Then would come the
Porpoise that played in the bay
Morning to night
Followed by the soft pawed cat

My familiar
Constant companion
His wise eyes
An applied stone

Of the clearest blue
And a knowing smile
Forrest animals would follow
The deer, elk and the moose

Then the smaller animals
And many, many insects
All kinds, sizes and colors
Head to toe, my totem

August 18, 2018

I do not know what was carved on my Grand Father’s chest?  But I will look deep and see if I can divine my totem.  This is what I know about my Great Grand Father, who came to this country from Ireland, in 1858.  Two of the three brothers, settled in Trinity County, in Texas.  Where they grew cotton, on a large plantation.

I do not know what religion they followed, but there were only two churches in their county, the Baptist and the Methodist.  It was said, he didn’t really like the Methodist, for they were not pious enough, but he could not abide the Baptist…so he supported the Methodist Church.

12 thoughts on “My Totem/imaginary gardens with real toads

  1. I LOVE this – the blue marble God’s head, the earth your origin, the playful porpoises and all the other creatures. This is wonderful to read and envision. Your Irish history is like mine. My great grandma came to Canada from County Cork, to escape the potato famine. She lived a hard life, on the land, while her husband laid tracks for the first cross country railway. My grandma told me that as a girl she could see ruts in the ground left by the covered wagons.

  2. Love your after commentary! And the image of your totem is breathtaking – I think I’d admire it for hours. Just imagine it carved in wood!

  3. Now that is a beautiful, original totem, Annell! ”Like a blue marble / The earth my origin’ and a ‘Porpoise that played in the bay’. And, best of all’ ‘the soft pawed cat / My familiar / Constant companion’ – one of mine is sitting on the desk beside me as I type! Like Margaret, I imagine it carved in wood.

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