A Poem Without Meaning

A poem as confusing as can be
Words put together
Without meaning
I read your words carefully
Upon completion I wonder
What in the world are you saying
A poem without meaning
Back to the drawing board
So, they say
Gather words
Burn down the house
Tell me your heart


August 16, 2018









16 thoughts on “A Poem Without Meaning/imaginary gardns with real toads

    1. Yes, I think you are right, but sometimes I throw up my hands at the finished poem, not at all what I expected…makes no sense to the reader. Perhaps too personal? Thanks for your comment. Annell Livingston


    1. Of course you realize I am mostly talking about other’s poems, but sometimes mine go astray as well. Thanks Sherry….you know, I think you poems are clear, I don’t think I ever feel that way about yours? Annell Livingston


  1. I get caught in explaining my poems (or wanting to) and often don’t post ones I think won’t be understood – but that isn’t really the way it should be is it?

  2. Often others poems are more difficult to understand because we have written ours and their words we are reading don’t fit in with our expectations. On the other hand there is also the delight and envy when another writer has written what you had wanted to say but so much better than yourself! It is a hard life isn’t it!

    1. Sometimes they are. But I usually get something from them, even if I don’t really get it all. Thanks for your comments. Annell Livingston


    1. Thank you Rosemary, yes, tell me your heart, tell me what you cannot say! Tell me how you feel. Lift up the underbelly let’s see what is there, let the light in. The unspoken, the unsaid, the unseen, the crux of the matter. You show me yours and I’ll show you mine! Let’s get “real” with each other. Annell Livingston


  3. I guess it could be a writing exercise but I wouldn’t want to do it. A lot of people miss the meanings in my poems. I’m not really writing a life story. Sometimes, like today, it definitely is me I’m writing about. Most though could be anyone.

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