My favorite box

Is made of wood

Several different kinds of wood

In the shape of a heart


It resides in a small skin wrapper

When open it reveals nothing

It is empty

Yet so beautiful


The beauty of it

Fills my lonely heart


August 14, 2018


De is hosting dVerse today, asking us to use the word “box” in a Quadrille (poem of exactly 44 words, sans title)


22 thoughts on “My favorite box….dVerse

  1. Oh, I love hose special, exquisite little boxes! But I usually find something special to put in them. I do have one slightly larger box which appears to be empty, but it holds peace, harmony and unity, and whenever I open it I release those qualities into the Universe. When I close the box again, those things regenerate, ready for next time. Come to think of it, its about time….

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