Home of the Blue Lizard, Desert Fox and A Host of Other Desert Dwellers


The desert is quiet

Thin blue lizards

Sit on rocks

Blend into their world


When it rains

Longing does not yield

Its grip on the heart

All is quiet except


For the rhythmic rain drops

Falling on the roof

Like the ticking of the clock

Later… when the sky is brilliant


Weather dry

Tail dusty

You will wonder about

The dark mood that colored

Your world


The Rio Grand

Still sleeping in its bed

A tune lilting on the wind

Ripples the surface

Speckled trout

Swim below


August 12th, 2018




Wordle 364


20 thoughts on “Home of the Blue Lizard, Desert Fox and A Host of Other Desert Dwellers/the sunday whirl — poets united poets pantry

    1. Yes, perhaps we will get down, look under rocks and find out what is really here? I love to hear rain on the roof as well. Thanks for your comments. Annell Livingston


  1. So beautiful………your descriptions of the desert are always so wonderful. I especially like the image of those fish swimming in the Rio Grande, and that tune “lilting on the wind”.

    1. Thank you for you comment on my piece. Sadly I do remember the days of dads going to the pub alone while the wives stayed home. It was standard behaviour in a different time and probably welcomed by the wife to did what she wanted do in peace! Those days are gone but I still like to recreates scenes like that in my writing occasionally.

      1. You are so right, and I certainly didn’t mean to say what you should write or what you shouldn’t. Memories help us to know where we are today. xoxo Annell Livingston


    1. The desert of the southwest is not so hot all the time, but there is a great difference between the shade and the sunny areas. And the temps vary greatly between night and day. The Desert Dwellers know the way to survive. Thanks for your comments. Annell Livingston


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