I have always found

It difficult

To believe

What I cannot experience


And yet

time is a good example

I am here

Time passes


I cannot see it

Time passes

I cannot feel it

Time passes


I have become

An old woman

Unaware of passing time

Each day

Seems to be exactly

Like the day before


Another example

Is the “Soul”

What is it

Where is it

How to know

It exists


Someone told me once

It is the “you of you”

The very essence of you

That makes sense

I will accept it


August 9, 2018



4 thoughts on “THE SOUL OF MY LOVE/dVerse

  1. Ah…you’ve picked around the topic that always intrigues me…time. Sometimes I just sit and wonder…how can I stop it? I look at the photos magnetized on the convector across from me in my study….photos of my parents who have long passed into another world; my grandchildren when they were babes; my own children as youngsters; my brother who was 9 years older than me and became an angel far too youg, at the age of 51….and I wonder, how does the past arrive so fast?

    1. Perhaps you have touched the most important question…the question without answer. I remember when it was a vast stretch before me, and I can see my GrandMother smile…I think she knew. Thanks for your response. Annell Livingston


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