Late Afternoon Conversation


The monsoons have come at last

A little late this year

Good to see

The temperatures drop


In late afternoon

We sit and talk

The rain begins

Quenched the thirst


The morning found

The sweet scent of sage

So intense

You would swear


You could see it

We sat close

As the sun set

And turned the pages together


July 28, 2018



4 thoughts on “LATE AFTERNOON COVERSATION/imaginary gardens with real toads

  1. There is not much we can do about the weather (except interfere and posibly make it worse) so we should delight in both sun, rain and wind and delight in its variation, but if you hate snow and ice move to Australia!

    1. I so agree with all that you say, except I moved to New Mexico for Ice and snow, which I love. I love the transformation, though I would love to go to Australia for a visit. Thanks for your comment. Annell Livingston


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