Still Life


Be she alive

Or be she dead

She sits

With her feet in water

As still as a stone


Does she speak…

What does she say…

Is it she who looks

At me

Or is it me

Looking at her


So is the still life

Still as a stone


Waiting for you alone


Was she placed there

To celebrate the occasion…

And is now limp

And dying

For waiting

For you alone


The phone rings

She answers the phone

No longer the still life

She was originally

No longer dying

While waiting for you


August 3, 2018




20 thoughts on “STILL LIFE/imaginary gardens with real toads

  1. Your first stanza captured my imagination.. I wondered: person or flower? The metaphor is very well-wrought.

  2. kaykuala

    The phone rings
    She answers the phone
    No longer the still life

    Communicating is a privilege, a life-saving process Jt can make someone to suddenly ‘become’ alive!


    1. I meant for the “spell,” I had created to be broken by the ringing of the phone. Who or what was calling, a new chapter begins. Thanks for your comment. Annell Livingston


  3. Your poem made me ponder ‘stillness’ and how much I actually enjoy it at this stage in my life. Nice writing.

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