Yes, it was that day

The one we have

All been waiting for

A sweet day in autumn


We were hiking in the Jemez

In a canyon

With tall dried grasses

Suddenly we heard

Sounds bouncing

Off canyon walls


It was hard to tell

Where it was coming from

Soft hoots

Echoing back and forth


We hurried our steps

Was it up ahead

What was it

Then we saw the sandhill cranes


Making their migratory


To the Bosque

Later we were told


Because of the waves from

Los Alamos

The cranes get lost

They must circle several times


To find their way

It is true for humans too

Sometimes we must

Try more than once

To find our way


July 30, 2018





8 thoughts on “AUTUMN IN THE JEMEZ/imaginary gardens with real toads

  1. kaykuala

    ometimes we must
    Try more than once
    To find our way

    It is only right to re-track back when things don’t seem to go along the right way as desired!


    1. I don’t know what kind of waves are emitted from Los Alamos, but the cranes over come them, by circling to regain their “heading.” Thanks for your comment. Annell Livingston


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