As I sat on the staircase

And dreamed myself away

Anywhere anytime

Somewhere else…


On the Texas coast

The Gulf of Mexico

Enchantment by the sea

We did not have to travel far


Volleyball in the sand

Just a little trip

Another world

Sand on the beach


Stretched as far as you could see

Waves rolled to the shore

To crash over you and me

A large picnic basket


And a blue ice chest

A day at the beach

What a gift it was

Take pictures of day


Memories stored deep in the heart

Would not soon fade away

The sun set in the west

A bonfire


To light up the beach

Soon it was time

To shake out the sand

Fold up the quilt

And return to our everyday


July 29, 2018


Wordle 362



28 thoughts on “A DAY AT THE BEACH/the sunday whirl #362 poets united poets pantry imaginary gardens with real toads

  1. I had to wait until my 17th birthday for a trip from landlocked Illinois to the Florida coast! Love the ocean but a bit terrified as well.

  2. Oh, I was right there with you as you took us through the day. Vivid images, Annell. Thank you!

    1. You know my Husband drowned there, will probably never go back. I turn my eyes to the horizon….”go west young woman, go west.” Thanks for your comment, Jaerose37. Annell Livingston


    1. “Go to the beach young woman, go to the beach.” Do not delay summer will be over soon. Thanks for your comment. Annell Livingston


  3. kaykuala

    A large picnic basket
    And a blue ice chest
    A day at the beach
    What a gift it was

    It can never be a greater day to pass the time. What great memories for those fortunate enough!


  4. It’s amazing where sitting on the stairs can take you! I enjoyed the trip with you in your imagination, Annell. I love the nostalgia and longing in the lines:
    ‘Soon it was time
    To shake out the sand
    Fold up the quilt
    And return to our everyday’.

  5. Lovely Annell.
    Memories are surely made on days like this – and then we return to our everyday. And then out of the blue, something triggers our recall and we are back again to the memory of sun and sand.
    Anna :o]

  6. Love this, Annell. Like my beach memories. Those suffice for my beach activities now also. We would generally go to Freeport as things weren’t so crowded there. And we could drive on the beach to any place we wanted to be. I hardly ever swim now, I’ve only been in our pool once this summer. Our nine-year-old granddaughter goes for swims several times a week, Mrs. Jim and a couple of girls will walk over to our community pool as well. It has slides, etc., and is there blocks away.
    What are you missing? Big story besides politics and harassment news this morning was of the woman here (Houston) who stole an ambulance, with crew, and crashed it trying to get onto the freeway.

    1. Jim I grew up in Houston. We played in Galveston, Rockport and Freeport. Better get out there and enjoy that pool, summer is coming to an end…but of course it never really does in Houston. Thanks for your comment. Annell Livingston


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