A DAY AT THE BEACH/the sunday whirl #362 poets united poets pantry imaginary gardens with real toads



As I sat on the staircase

And dreamed myself away

Anywhere anytime

Somewhere elseā€¦


On the Texas coast

The Gulf of Mexico

Enchantment by the sea

We did not have to travel far


Volleyball in the sand

Just a little trip

Another world

Sand on the beach


Stretched as far as you could see

Waves rolled to the shore

To crash over you and me

A large picnic basket


And a blue ice chest

A day at the beach

What a gift it was

Take pictures of day


Memories stored deep in the heart

Would not soon fade away

The sun set in the west

A bonfire


To light up the beach

Soon it was time

To shake out the sand

Fold up the quilt

And return to our everyday


July 29, 2018


Wordle 362