Dark ink against

White paper

Lines and squiggles

Your name in red


A tinge of age

Along the paper’s edge

The cup slips

Cracks appear


What was once whole

Is now broken

I read that you had gone away

For good

It happened years ago


I cry when I think of you

There was always

Space between us

A far away distance


I tap the nib

Against the lip of the ink well

We were not bound

No straps to hold us

Just good friends

The story written in calligraphy


Wordle 361






23 thoughts on “CALLIGRAPHY/the sunday whirl – poets united poets pantry

      1. I love it when I can write a poem about a memory. It is like taking a photo. Helps cement the memory for us. Sorry your friend has passed.

    1. It is an awful thing. We think of people we have known, and think they are living their lives somewhere, just as you are. And then to find that they are dead. Died years ago, it is a loss, an emptiness of thought and feelings. I can’t even remember when last I saw my friend. I think he was in town for business and he came to see me. We went for a drive. It was so good to see him. What is it about people, that we love?

      Annell Livingston 1431 Mesa Vista El Prado, New Mexico 87529 575-751-0680


  1. Gone away….space between us….just good friends. This makes me sad really, as I read in the words the leaving of someone who had been cared about more than a ‘good friend.’ Powerful writing.

  2. Perhaps we don’t write enough about other people in our lives that have meant so much to us. As a writer I do use memories of people to create poems and stories of myself and of others I knew that become characters in my writing. Rarely though do I write factual accounts…perhaps I should.

  3. I recently learnt of a blog friend (comments only) who had ‘disappeared’ -this from another blog friend – we converse via emails.
    I was not ‘strapped’ to this lovely lady, but wish I had been, for I feel guilty for not knowing she had long since flew to a higher plane.

    1. Dear Mags

      I am also sorry to hear about someone “missing.” I think it is the worst. Something happened, you don’t know what. And that person is no longer here. There was a woman missing in our little community, all very strange…and they haven’t found her. It’s been about a year. Only recently they found her car…but she is till missing.


      Annell Livingston 1431 Mesa Vista El Prado, New Mexico 87529 575-751-0680


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