My dreams

Relive my days

In constant repetition

I awake exhausted

The job incomplete


You appeared there once

In my dream of dreams

You would not look at me

Averted your eyes

Looked away

Far into the unknown


The pantry empty

The crops are all dead

The wind took the soil

Dust storms raged


Suddenly the rain began

Huge drops fell

Like bombs exploding

The dry creek bed filled



The great flood came again

You built a boat

And then a pyramid


Each rock you lifted

And carried many miles

You drew a heart in the sand

You sailed away


July 21, 2018





13 thoughts on “MY DREAMS/imaginary gardens with real toads

  1. This seems like a recurring dream, Annell, one you can’t shake off, hence the exhaustion and the feeling that the job is incomplete, that you are ignored. So sad that when the rain has sated the drought and the boat and pyramid have both been built, all you have left is a heart in the sand.

  2. This is so raw and filled with palpable and fiery emotion. Recurring dreams often make one long to know their meaning. I like the image of a heart in the sand at the end 💜

  3. Such an interesting abstraction of reality.. the idea of a journey, building up and breaking down. fascinating.

  4. incomplete. dreams really are that – suggestions or jog the memory but they never really are fulfilling.

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