To breathe is not a choice

It is a necessity of life

When I am truly open

My breath

Includes what I see


Again a necessity of life

The sunrise in the morning

To the closing in

Of darkness at night

Even then dreams


Open a whole new world

Based on the twinkle of stars

The glow of the moon

I wring my hands

I am in anguish


I think of you

Consider the distance

Between us

Since the distance is incalculable

I will need something

Very special for this measurement


July 20, 2018



9 thoughts on “HOW TO MEASURE THE DISTANCE/imaginary gardens with real toads

    1. Thank you Jim. So much unknown, the where of it, how to measure, and what tool will be needed. I think it will need to be something special. Thanks for your comments.


  1. Love is always within us as it is never lost, but we dream of course of being reunited with we do love and this hope sustains us until we greet them again.

  2. Breathing, and watching the heavens, definitely helps us in our times of anguish. Reminding us of that larger landscape that frames our lives. When you write of the heavens, I always picture them as seen from your house – the mesa, the mountains, the skies above. So beautiful.

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