Vice and virtue

Have their appeal

I see myself


I alone can judge

And I judge others

By my standards


As you can see

My feet

Are dainty

My legs



A perfect woman

To be sure

My Breasts


Peek out

From my beautiful dress


My face perfect

My hair the same

Of course, I am the one

To judge others

Who could do it better


I have no vices

I don’t drink or smoke

I am the one

My sole purpose

Is to judge others


July 18, 2018




8 thoughts on “VICE AND VIRTUE/dVerse

  1. Hehe.. the Fact that Judging
    Didn’t make it into
    the Top 7 Catholic
    Says A Whole
    Lot about who
    Writes the Books..
    But True We Are A Judging
    Species or We would have
    never made it even this far as one Species..
    True all
    Places too..
    Even the New ones
    We Create like sitting
    Still in Front of Screens
    Almost All Day/Night Long at Work/Car/Home
    PerHapS NoW We Need aN uPdated List.. hAha..
    YeS in some
    it is
    The Law to Drive and Text..
    Hmm.. Wonder if We WiLL OutLaw
    TrumpS aT Least From Highest Office NoW..
    CRaP ugh That ViCE President We WiLL have then too..;)

  2. It is sometimes the case that the one judging has a difficult time accepting others comments and judgement too. Really like your perspective of the “perfect woman” who has no vices.

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