EDUCATION OF THE YOUNG/imaginary gardens with real toads



Education is a powerful weapon

Where to start

You open your eyes

I whisper to you

I show you all

The world has to offer


The bird that sings

His song for you

The sun rising in the morning

I introduce you to the world


We walk

We talk

I cherish your every day

Soon enough you will learn

To read

You will learn all the names

Of the ten thousand things


You will learn the language

Of the wild things

In the late afternoon

You will learn all

About sunsets


And you will learn

All the names of the stars

Which come out at night

You will talk with the moon


Your days will be filled

With learning

It will be your weapon

You will use to change the world


July 18 2018

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – University of the Witwatersrand South Africa, 2003





Vice and virtue

Have their appeal

I see myself


I alone can judge

And I judge others

By my standards


As you can see

My feet

Are dainty

My legs



A perfect woman

To be sure

My Breasts


Peek out

From my beautiful dress


My face perfect

My hair the same

Of course, I am the one

To judge others

Who could do it better


I have no vices

I don’t drink or smoke

I am the one

My sole purpose

Is to judge others


July 18, 2018




USA THE GREAT/poets united midweek motif – great



In school

We learned

The United States

Was great


But so many things

We were not told

No one spoke of

The treatment

Of the native people


No one spoke of


Of political leaders

No one spoke

Of the treatment

Of people of color


No one spoke

Of the treatment

Of Mexican people

Of women

Of children

Of animals

Was it all kept

In a dark closet


Only communicated

In whispers

So we could

Pat our chests

And talk about

How great we are


If we were ever great

Today it is hard to find


July 18, 2018